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Surveillance and Security Systems
As efficient management of life & property security and enterprise attendance data processing is becoming more and more necessary in rapidly-moving modern world, office and security automation become a must. We strive to create series of products which actually meet the needs of small, medium and large-scale users for comprehensive, low cost and smart solutions. Having our own team of experts with strong technical background, we could customize the products to fulfill the needs of the market and to achieve total customer satisfaction. In the past two years we have successfully developed Access Control, Time & Attendance, Security Patrol and School Attendance system and are stepping into a broader application which includes Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Health Care, etc..

We provide a wide range of Surveillance and Security systems, which include different varities of Access Control mechanisms, Surveillance Cameras, Time & Attendance Management Systems, Asset Tracking etc...
Digital-Centraliaztion Surveillance Solution
How to centralizing management the scattered Surveillance centers
An IP Matrix application example :

In a massive company and constitution, the surveillance points and centers may be scattered in all over the country or even the world. In the headquarter, as to the different managers for their corresponding management demand, are eagerly to know the picture on spot of every branches on time, especially when some abnormal event occur, they want to know the fact at the first time so that they can surveillance or participate the event handling there.

Fig. 1 to realize the centralizing management to the scattered surveillance centers through "Management Mode"

Fig. 1 is the general description of such system. As to N scattered surveillance centers, it need to add a Management Mode to each surveillance center. By using the network function of "DVRDVS", transfer the "abnormal event" message (alarm) to the network control in the headquarter (desk) through network (special network or public network). By this way, the managers in headquarter can view the pictures and hear the voice of the spot on line through network control.

The management mode should have the following functions:

Actively upload alarm message;
Transfer this alarm message (alarm indication voice, alarm picture and voice on spot) intelligently to the appointed multi-destinations (as in network control)

When the transmission network is the public network, the cost of dynamic IP is low; it is common and become more and more popular to use dynamic IP in ADSL to connect in. In this case, PPPoE protocol should be supported by DVRDVS (actually the picture got from the network control is the result through the connection with DVRDVS launched by it, however it is transparent as to operator). If it is not use the manner as applying for domain name, dynamic IP analysis function need to be added in Management Mode.

When abnormal event occur, it may happened that many network control viewing the same event spot at the same time. It may cause the bandwidth source not enough. We can add a stream media service function in Management Mode to solve this problem by using the stream media service mode responding the access request and transferring this channel alarm picture.

Fig. 2 the logic surveillance center sketch map including "Management Mode"


DS-8000H Embedded Net DVR and DS-6000S Embedded pre-set box developed and produced by Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd support network alarm linkage, support the voice dialogue with surveillance center, voice broadcast, PPPoE broadband dialup connection in, double bitrate, which is suitable for transfer pictures through broadband and can be sure of the recording picture quality (can reach D1 that is 4CIF resolution) at the same time.

SDK can better support the development of every function in "Management Mode" in order to meet the different function demands of the centralizing surveillance solution.
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